Your car insurance policy: What “Med Pay” covers?

Your medical payments coverage also known as Med Pay coverage, will be responsible for paying all of your reasonable and necessary medical bills.  This would include for example:  funeral expenses, injuries sustained by you our your passengers, injuries that you sustain as a pedestrian or bicyclist after a car hits your, even necessary dental care as a result of a car accident.     Having med-pay is like having additional health coverage attached to your automobile policy.   It is extremely important that you know your Med Pay policy and any exclusions it may have.    Make sure that when you are comparison-shopping for your car insurance, that you speak with an insurance agent from the company to fully understand the details of their medical payments coverage.

Today’s Case Settlement

78 year old client was rear ended in auto accident.  Offer by State Farm was $12,500.00.   Hafif & Associates, LLP fought over a year and obtained a $250,000.00 settlement; the policy limits.  State Farm chose the scorched earth litigation path at the expense of an injured elderly person.  Aggressive representation by Cynthia Hafif “ruffled some feathers” in house at State Farm which resulted in the large reward.

Your car insurance policy

Please take to time to read your full auto insurance policy to learn about the type of coverage you have for your vehicle.    If your car insurance policy is missing the desired coverage, please contact your insurance broker immediately and make the necessary changes.   Medical payments also known as “Med Pay”, underinsured and uninsured coverage are vital coverages to carry as part of a full coverage policy. 

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