1 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Swordfight

Remember why your mother wouldn’t let you get an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time for Christmas? Turns out that’s also a good reason to avoid sword-fighting.

Jeremiah DuPrau learned that lesson the hard way, after he was stabbed in the eye by his sword-fighting instructor at the Milwaukie Elks Lodge in Portland, Oregon. DuPrau is suing his instructor and the lodge, claiming he is now legally blind.

Dangerous Daggers

According to DuPrau’s lawsuit, he was attending his third class as a beginner student under Swordguild Portland instructor Jason Romandelle Brown when Brown called DuPrau over to volunteer as a prop to demonstrate a move for the rest of the class. Brown jutted a sword into DuPrau’s eye, allegedly piercing his brain and shattering the bones of his face. DuPrau claims he is now unable to see through his right eye and retains only some of his vision in his left.

DuPrau’s complaint claims both the instructor and the lodge were negligent in:

  • Performing a demonstration move on Jeremiah DuPrau when it was unsafe to
    do so;
  • In allowing for Jason Brown to conduct sword fighting demonstrations with
    defenseless novice students when Brown did not have the training and/or skill
    to safely conduct such demonstrations;
  • In failing to provide Jeremiah DuPrau with the necessary safety equipment to
    prevent injury when performing a demonstration move; and
  • In striking Jeremiah DuPrau with a sword and then penetrating his eye socket.

Cutlass Complaint

DuPrau also suffered a stroke after the sword entered his brain, according to his attorney, John Coletti, leaving the left side of his body partially paralyzed and making walking and balance difficult. “He’s unable to drive, unable to ride his bike, unable to hike,” Coletti added. “He actually had to give his dog away because he was unable to take care of it.”

Neither Brown, the Swordguild, nor the Elks Lodge have responded to the lawsuit, which is seeking $9 million in economic and noneconomic damages. Now word on whether DuPrau signed a liability waiver.

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