10 Injuries That May Not Be Covered by Workers’ Comp

When determining whether a specific injury will be covered by workers’ compensation insurance, the deciding factor is whether the injury was work-related. Did it happen while you were working? Or because of the kind of job you were doing? Were you on your way to work or at a work function? Answers to these questions will determine if you can get workers’ comp for your injury.

But does that mean any and all injuries are covered by workers’ compensation insurance? Here are ten injuries that people most often wonder about when it comes to workers’ comp, and how to figure out if you’re covered.

1. Can I Get Worker’s Compensation for a Hernia?

Back injuries due to heavy or repetitive lifting seem like a classic case for workers’ comp, and some states will presume your hernia is work-related.

2. Can I Get Workers’ Compensation for Frostbite?

This might not be your biggest question in July, but come January you might be wondering if you’re covered.

3. Can I Get Worker’s Comp for Heat Stroke?

If you work outside, or anywhere hot during the summer, stay hydrated and take plenty of breaks in the shade. And here’s what you need to know if you have a heat stroke on the job.

4. Can I Get Workers’ Comp for Skin Cancer?

Seasonal and summer employees don’t just have to worry about the heat — the sun can cause damage to your skin over time. If this results in cancer, you may be eligible for benefits.

5. Can I Get Workers’ Comp for Food Poisoning at Work?

Having a company cafeteria sounded like a good idea until you got sick. Is the company now responsible?

6. Can I Get Workers’ Comp for Migraines?

Those that have gotten one know a migraine can be just as debilitating as a broken leg. But proving that work caused your migraine may be difficult.

7. Can I Get Workers’ Comp for Hearing Loss?

If you work long hours in a loud environment without proper ear protection, the effects on your hearing can be devastating. Here’s how to prove your hearing loss was work-related.

8. Can I Get Workers’ Comp for Alcoholism?

It may sound strange to get insurance coverage for a drinking problem, but it has happened.

9. Can I Get Workers’ Comp for Anxiety and Emotional Distress?

If your injuries are mental rather than physical, can you still recover? It may depend on the state in which you work.

10. Can I Get Workers’ Comp for Stress?

Stress can be hard to identify and difficult to prove, but that doesn’t mean that insurance won’t cover the effects of your work-related stress.

The best way to know whether you can get workers’ comp for your injury is to consult an experienced workers’ comp attorney. Most are willing to talk to you about your case for free.

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