5 Most Common Black Friday Shopping Injuries (and What to Do About Them)

The crowds; the anticipation; the joy; and the pain. There really is nothing like the exhilaration and hysteria of Black Friday. One day every year, American shoppers lose their collective minds in an effort to save a few bucks on Christmas presents. But the damage and injuries sustained on Black Friday can last years or even lifetimes.

So here are the five most common Black Friday injuries, how to avoid them, and what to do if you can’t:

1. Parking Lot Injuries: When Can You Sue?

Sometimes the injuries happen before you even make it in the front door. Considering the increase in shoppers, cars, and traffic, this is more likely than ever on Black Friday. But are stores liable for what happens in the parking lot? What if multiple stores share one lot?

2. How Not to Get Hurt in a Black Friday Stampede

If you’ve made it through the gauntlet of the parking lot, you’ve still got to survive the initial rush through the doors. Unsurprisingly, this is where a majority of Black Friday injuries occur. While stores have gotten a bit better about crowd control (following many lawsuits, of course), any time that many people are squeezing through that small of a space, injuries are bound to occur.

3. Shopping Cart Injuries: When to Sue

If you’re still standing, it’s time to grab a shopping cart. Most Black Friday shoppers aren’t waiting that long and trampling their fellow humans to buy just one item. And if you thought there was a rush through the door, just wait for all those people hightailing it to the electronics department armed with a metal grate on convulsive wheels, and then their subsequent rush to the registers.

4. Can You Sue If a Box Falls on You at a Store?

Stores have stocked their shelves to the sky for Black Friday. And when customers start yanking out items willy-nilly, all that careful stacking goes out the window.

5. If You’re Injured in a Fight, Can You Sue?

Not all Black Friday injuries are accidents. In a mad rush into and through a store, a lot of feathers can get ruffled, especially if there’s only a limited number of a certain item. Are assaults only a criminal matter? Does the store bear any responsibility?

Considering the myriad ways you could be injured on Black Friday, you might just want to do your shopping online, in the safety of your own home. If not, you may need the services of an experienced injury attorney.

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