5 Most Dangerous Halloween Costumes

Trick-or-treating, haunted houses, scary costumes, and ghoulish decorations — there’s always a little danger to Halloween. That’s what makes the holiday fun. What doesn’t make it fun is actual danger, coming from our costumes themselves.

Hopefully you’ve got your costume all picked out, and, hopefully, you won’t find it on our list of the most dangerous Halloween costumes:

  1. “Invisible” Suits: Full body suits have been the rage for a few years now, but it should go without saying that this year’s edition — all black with no eye holes — is the most dangerous version yet. Is it the most dangerous costume and worst idea ever? Possibly! Just go with a brightly colored version instead.
  2. Beards Ablaze: Fake beards, especially long ones like Hagrid’s and Dumbledore’s, have been known to ignite and they aren’t made of the most flame-retardant material. So keep any fake facial hair away from the flames.
  3. Fabulous Footwear: High heels on kids are adorable. They’re also not the easiest to walk around in, even for adults. If your Halloween festivities include a lot of walking — say, door-to-door begging for candy — avoid slip and falls with some solid shoe choices.
  4. Menacing Makeup: There are almost too many makeup kits to choose from nowadays. And do you trust them all to be safe and non-toxic? (Especially when your child starts sweating and it’s running into their eyes?) Check the ingredients of makeup kits and make sure you’re not allergic.
  5. Anything With a Cape: If you learned nothing else from superhero costume designer Edna Mole in “The Incredibles,” NO CAPES. They snag on missiles, get caught in jet turbines and on express elevators, and get sucked into vortexes. (And no, that Superman costume does not enable flight.)

Stay scary, and safe, this Halloween. And if you do get injured, talk to an experienced injury attorney near you.

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