After 11 Deaths, Guardrail Manufacturer Sued for Negligence

Two lawsuits filed in South Carolina and Tennessee last week added to a manufacturer’s growing woes. Lindsay Corporation, the Omaha-based maker of the X-LITE guardrail commonly used on the side of highways, has faced growing criticism that it’s guardrails are defectively designed and fail to protect drivers and passengers during car collisions, resulting in several injuries and deaths.

The X-LITE End Terminal

The X-LITE End Terminal is installed at the start and end of guardrails along highways and roads across the country. Rounding out the sharp pointy ends of a line of roadside railing, it’s easy to understand how this particular component gets hit by unwary or inattentive motorists.

The lawsuits allege that the end terminal fails to slide into the rest of the guardrail during a collision, a process known as “telescoping.” Telescoping can reduce the force of impact during a collision, and as importantly, prevent the guardrail’s horizontal beams from penetrating the cabin of an incoming car and spearing passengers inside.

Federal and State Agency Review

Highway safety is entrusted to federal and state government agencies. Several have acted already. In April, Tennessee announced that it would remove and replace some 1,700 guardrail ends, at a cost of several million dollars to the state’s budget.

The U.S. Department of Transportation previously announced a review of the X-LITE end terminal last May. The agency noted at the time the guardrail component is installed in 29 states, but that 80% of the X-LITE end terminals are installed in Tennessee, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia. Other states are currently reviewing the guardrail’s safety and performance.

Injury and Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Meanwhile, several victims have taken to the courtroom, alleging that Lindsay Corporation’s guardrail ends are defectively designed and that the company is liable for resulting injuries and deaths. Injury and wrongful death lawsuits of this sort are common resources for people injured by defective products to recover compensation for their injuries from the product manufacturer.

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