Daycare Owners Sued for Hiring Negligence After Child’s Death

“As parents, we trust that our children are safe while they are under the supervision of organizations like Community Nursery & Preschool, and that those individuals taking care of our children are responsible, qualified, and professional care providers. When organizations and individuals betray that trust, the consequences can be tragic and heart-breaking.”

That sounds like some of the openings we’ve had to write in response to children being injured or killed while at daycare. In fact they’re the words of David S. Cain Jr., an attorney representing the family of 5-year-old Kamden Johnson, whose body discovered in the driveway in Mobile, Alabama last week.

The family is suing the daycare Kamden was supposed to be attending
on the day he was found, claiming the company was negligent in
screening and hiring Valarie Rena Patterson, who has also been charged
with multiple crimes relating to the boy’s death.

An Avoidable Tragedy

Though all the details are not yet known, it sounds like Kamden was another tragic victim of being left in a hot van for too long. Kenya Anderson, the Director of the Community Nursery & Preschool Academy, told that Patterson was in charge of shuttling children between daycare facilities. Kamden was a passenger in the morning, but Patterson allegedly told Anderson she didn’t pick him up for the afternoon rounds.

Anderson, along with Community Church Ministries, Inc. and owners Carl and Angela Coker, are named in the lawsuit, which claims the daycare failed to conduct a background check on Patterson before her hiring.

A Knowable Past

According to law enforcement, that background check would’ve been revealing. reports:

Mobile County jail records show Patterson’s arrest history dating back to November 1991 for three counts of second-degree theft of property charges, two counts of first-degree theft of property, two counts of third-degree theft of property, no driver’s license and failure to appear in court charges.
She was arrested a second time in August 1999 in Florida on first-degree theft of property, giving a false name to police and fugitive from justice charges. Court documents show that Patterson used an alias name of Valarie Hardy during that arrest.
She was arrested a third time in October of 2007 on a fugitive from justice charge.

In this case, Patterson has been charged with corpse abuse and manslaughter. Whether the Community Church daycare performed its due diligence in hiring Patterson may be a question left to another jury.

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