Figure Skating Sport Injuries

Within the recent years the physical demands of figure skating have increased dramatically with a corresponding increase in detrimental effects on the adolescent body.   With the elimination of figures from competition in 1999 and the introduction of a new judging system in 2003, the technical difficulties of spinning, jumping, connecting moves, lifts, and throws have significantly increased, to where severe injuries result.

While a skater may assume the risk of all damages associated with this sport, parents should be aware when introducing your child to skating that sound technique, proper equipment, and smarter practices and training schedules are imperative to maintain healthy bodies.  Falls account for many skating injuries, but most injuries occur from overuse or improperly fitting skating boots, which are preventable.  The following is an overview of common figure skating injuries from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Cynthia Hafif, being a former world class figure skater herself, promotes the idea of utilizing the great gear that is now out there and worth investing in.