Injuries Preventing Exercise are Compensable


Loss of the ability to exercise can be more valuable than the lost wages from an 8 – 5 job after an injury. Those who incur permanent injuries often suffer an impaired capacity that prevents them from participating in regular exercises.   The U.S. Department of Labor statistics places a dollar figure on the loss of the ability to exercise after an accident. 
When people can no longer exercise, there is a marked loss in muscle mass, lung capacity, organ function, blood flow, hormonal imbalance and brain chemistry. Exercise regulates literally dozens of body-brain signals including growth hormones, testosterone, insulin, adrenaline, serotonin, and decreases heart disease. It also stimulates the natural production of endorphins that function as pain killers and mood stabilizers.  There are also mental benefits such as self-esteem, the reduction of anxiety and depression.   A worker who chooses to exercise and forgo overtime hourly work, is implicitly placing a value of time-and-a-half on their exertional-exercise activities.  Not exercising can reduce your life expectancy by 30 percent.
In the event you are injured in an accident and should be compensated for loss of the ability to exercise, contact Hafif & Associates for a FREE CONSULTATION.