Josh Pena

Personal Injury Accident
I was involved in a tubing accident out-of-state when I was flipped off the tube and hit the shore. I broke my jaw and was in a lot of pain. I spent nearly a year fighting State Farm, the insurer of the boat, to try and get them to pay for my medical bills. State Farm paid me $1,000.00 and said: “no more,” claiming that I “Assumed the Risk” and I was responsible for my own accident. Everyone had been drinking which did not make the facts any better. At my wit's end, I retained Cynthia Hafif and within 3 months, she settled my case for over 95 times the amount I was offered! She turned the whole case around, did a massive investigation, got witness statements and ultimately had the money in my pocket without having to incur the costs of filing a lawsuit. I would never hesitate to recommend her for any case. She is a fighter who cares!