Parent of Motorycle Accident Victim
First of all: we were left drifting in a sea of emotional hell without a star to guide us that is until you appeared on a distant horizon. Cynthia you became that star and your compass of love and compassion held our hands until we could see the shoreline. Your connection to my son Justin wasn’t just coincidental and all the dots you connected about his life were sent to you by Justin’s Heavenly Father. It’s not the law books and the credentials that have made you successful, your heartfelt efforts to cast a line to us and begin the process of pulling our raft to a safer location will never be forgotten. You are far beyond a brilliant attorney you are a beautiful loving woman who carries her skills like a bolt of lighting that strikes the fear of God in those who dare to question your word. Concerning the settlement check I would gladly give it all back for an hour with Justin. No amount can ever make the pain of the loss subside. I will remain a broken man and the living proof that two men died in that intersection the morning of Dec. 17 TH 2021. I send you my prayers that your beautiful son will be beside you throughout your life. He is truly blessed with you as his mother and his best friend. I’m honored that you were there to represent us as parents of our lost child.