Timeline for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

If your first thought after a work injury isn’t, “When can I get back to work,” it’s probably, “When can I get paid for getting injured at work.” Missing work is tough, especially if you’re missing paychecks, too.

If you got injured on the job, you probably know you can file a workers’ compensation insurance claim. But how long is that going to take? While all cases are unique, here’s a quick look at what to expect from your workers’ comp claim.

Your Steps

The timeline for your workers’ compensation claim begins at your injury, and there are some steps you’ll want to take immediately to ensure your claim is reviewed and completed as quickly as possible. First, take care of yourself and seek any necessary medical attention, even if you’re worried you can’t afford it. Most states require employers or their insurance company to pay for an injured employee’s medical bills as soon as they file a claim. So you do not have to wait until your claim is approved to receive compensation for medical costs.

Second, report the injury to your employer, and, if possible, report the injury in writing and keep a copy of the report for personal records. Your employer is then required to offer you a claim form immediately. Make sure the claim form is filled out completely and specifically and that you file it as soon as possible. You should also keep a copy of your completed claim form for your records as well.

Employer and Insurer Steps

Once your employer receives your claim form, it is their responsibility to immediately notify their insurance company and arrange medical assistance and compensation for you. Your employer may also be required to complete and file a wage verification form with the insurer within a certain amount of time after your claim or compensation form.

After receiving your claim, the insurer generally has 30 days to either accept or deny your claim and notify you of its decision. (Be aware this time limit can vary by state.) If your claim is approved, the insurer must start paying out benefits soon after. If your claim is denied, you can request a hearing to review the decision. There is a time limit on the request for a hearing, normally around 60 days after you received notice of denial. A hearing date will then be set, usually within 30 days of your request. After the hearing, the hearing officer normally has 15 days to make a final decision.

If you need help filing a workers’ comp claim, or if your claim has been denied, you may want to contact a local workers’ comp attorney for advice.

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