Top 5 Swimming Pool Injury Questions, and Answers

For many of us, summer time is pool time. Whether that means rolling the tarp off the pool in the backyard and hosting a party or taking the kids to a public pool for the day, we’re going to be spending a lot of time in and around the water. And where we spend a lot of time, injuries are bound to happen. So whose fault is it if you’re injured at a pool, and are you liable for injuries at yours?

Swimming pools actually occupy a unique place in injury law, and can provide unique challenges for pool owners and those injured at pools. So here are the five biggest questions when it comes to swimming pool injuries, and where you can find the answers:

1. Pool Accidents: What Swimming Pool Laws Apply?

Because so many people have swimming pools and there are so many pool-related accidents every year, there are specific injury laws that only apply to swimming pools. And there are also different laws that apply to private pools as opposed to public pools. Find out which may apply to your case.

2. If I Slip and Fall at a Pool, Can I Sue?

You were hurt at a pool, and the owner should compensate you for your injuries. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. Proving the owner was negligent can be more complicated than we expect.

3. Is Your Swimming Pool an Attractive Nuisance?

It’s a phrase most of us don’t come across in our daily lives, but when it comes to owning a swimming pool, having an “attractive nuisance” on your property can mean thousands or millions of dollars in legal liability. Find out how to protect yourself.

4. My Neighbors Just Built a Pool – Do They Need a Fence Around It?

Part of owning an attractive nuisance is taking the steps necessary to prevent attracting injuries. Many state statutes and court precedents require pool owners to fence off their pools or otherwise prevent children from wandering in.

5. Are Hotel Pool Liability Waivers Enforceable?

It may have been language in the hotel’s check-in paperwork or maybe a sign by the pool, but does merely saying that the hotel isn’t responsible for swimming pool injuries make it so?

If you have more questions about swimming pool injuries, in general or specifically, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney in your area. He or she can advise you on local laws and most are willing to talk to you about your case for free.

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