Top 5 Tips for Suing After a Disaster

Accidents and natural disasters may seem inevitable or like an act of God. But that doesn’t mean that all injuries stemming from a disaster are unavoidable, or that someone isn’t liable for the accident itself.

Determining that liability, however, and recovering for your injuries, can be complicated. Here are some tips if you’ve been injured and are considering a lawsuit after a disaster.

1. Preventing Injuries During, After Hurricanes, Storms

The first step is always avoiding injuries during a disaster, to the extent possible. And while some injuries and damage are unavoidable when big storms hit, other are easily preventable. Find out how.

2. Top 5 Legal Issues Following Floods

Whether it’s a hurricane or just an unusually rainy season, flooding can be disastrous. And, depending on where you live, access to flood insurance may be impossible or prohibitively expensive. Additionally, the after-effects of flooding can go far beyond water damage. And what happens if you have flood insurance, but the insurance company refuses to pay your claim?

3. When to Sue for Loss or Damages From Wildfire

The past few summers have seen devastating wildfires ravage several communities throughout California. And while some wildfires may simply be acts of nature, too often they are the result of careless people or companies. Does that make a difference in your ability to recover for property damage or personal injury following a wildfire?

4. Is Columbia Gas Liable in the Massachusetts Gas Pipeline Explosions?

A recent string of pipeline explosions killed one and injured dozens in the Boson area. In 2016, a natural gas line exploded in Portland, leveling buildings. And in 2010, a gas line explosion in San Bruno, California killed four people and injured as many as 50 more. So who is liable when a gas line blows?

5. What Is the Rail Disaster Family Assistance Act?

In some cases, existing legislation will determine the process for compensation after a disaster, natural or man-made. Noting that rail and air crashes can be devastating to families and communities, Congress passed laws allowing the federal government to provide services and compensation to families for loved ones injured or killed in rail accidents.

If you have questions regarding property damage or personal injury following a disaster, an experienced personal injury attorney is only a click or call away.

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