Update on Androgel and Testosterone Treatment Lawsuits

Anti-aging treatments are often too good to be true. This seems to be the case with many low testosterone treatments for men.

In recent years, the safety of so-called low-T treatments, including Androgel, has been called into question, and many, many men have filed testosterone therapy lawsuits. So where do these lawsuits stand today, and what do you need to know?

Mr. T.

Among the alleged benefits of testosterone replacement therapy are increased energy, sex drive, muscle formation, and overall happiness. Essentially, companies like Abbott Laboratories (maker of Androgel) promise to restore a man’s virility. But these promises don’t come without risks: men who undergo low-T therapy could face an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and even death.

This has led to literally thousands of low testosterone lawsuits, with treatment manufacturers trying to dismiss cases hundreds at a time. Because Androgel is the most popular low-T drug on the market, many of these lawsuits have been aimed at Abbott Labs.

Low-T, Big Litigation

Lawsuits related to testosterone replacement therapy are generally based on product liability whereby manufacturers are responsible for hazardous products, including dangerous drugs. Drug lawsuits claim that a manufacturer failed to properly test drugs, manufactured them in unsafe ways, or failed to properly warn users of the effects or side-effects of the drug.

Some of the lawsuits against Abbott and other testosterone therapy makers are class actions, where a single lawsuit is filed on behalf of a large class of people who have suffered the same or similar injuries. In most cases, those eligible for a class action will be notified, but you may need to contact the attorneys in a case in order to be added to the class. You may want to check Consumer-Action.org and ClassAction.org for pending cases.

If you’ve taken Androgel or some other low-T therapy and have suffered damaging side-effects, you should consult with an experienced injury attorney near you.

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