Fires and The Dangers They Leave Behind

Most regular insurance policies do not cover mudslide damage. Before buying a home, investigate about mudslide activity in your area, and mudslide dangers on the property. Checking the State of California Department of Conservation’s website: would be a great avenue to use as an investigative tool to determine mudslide dangers in the area as your consider buying a home.

If you already bought a home in an area prone to mudslides and mud flow occurs because trees and plants were damaged in an earlier fire, then your homeowners insurance may likely cover it as a fire loss. You would have to prove that if the fire never happened, the flood or mud event would never have happened either. Any complaints/questions about your insurance coverage can be addressed to the Department of Insurance.

Every year, U.S. mudslides cause an estimated $1 billion to $2 billion a year in damage and take an average of 50 lives each year.

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